Inventory Status

Easily see which Inventory’s are assigned, to whom, and their physical location. Check them back into inventory with one click, or click through to see the Inventory’s complete history.

Seeing what Inventory’s are currently deployed, pending (brand new awaiting software installs, out for repair), ready to deploy, or archived (lost/stolen, or broken) is quick and easy.

Custom Status Labels

There are lots of reasons why an Inventory may be undeployable or archived. They may be out for repair, out for diagnostics, lost or stolen, or flat-out busted. You have complete control over the labels you create for Inventory’s.

Inventory Models

Inventory models let you assign characteristics to all of the Inventory’s that belong to that Inventory model. Once you’ve got your models set up, creating new Inventory’s is a breeze. And we have a clone option and custom fields coming soon, to make it even easier.

End-User EULAs/Terms of Service on Checkout

Reminding your users that they are responsible for the Inventory’s you give them can reduce repairs and “lost” Inventorys by 20% or more. Snipe-IT lets you require a user to confirm acceptance of your EULA and receipt of the Inventory. You can use a default EULA for your entire organization, or different EULAs based on Inventory category. EULAs support Github-flavored markdown.

Inventory History

Quickly access the complete history of any Inventory in your system, starting from when the record was first created, down to every check-in and checkout.

For Inventory’s that are already checked out, you can also view the name, location and contact information for the user the Inventory is checked out to.

Software Licenses

You get the same quick access with licenses, too. We’re working on making this even better, by letting you smartly handle multi-pack licenses with ease.

User Management

Grant users access to reports, or even let them request Inventory’s that are available. Perfect for loaning out test devices. User import was added in 1.2.6.

User History

View the complete Inventory and request history of any user past or present, as well as handy contact info if you need to get in touch.


Generate an easy to read depreciation report (including Inventory location for tax purposes) with a single click, or generate a custom report.