An IP PBX is a private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) that switches calls between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. The typical IP PBX can also switch calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone user, or between two traditional telephone users in the same way that a conventional PBX does.


  • IP Phone for 500-50000 extensions.
  • Concurrent call capacity of IP-PBX 30 to 3780 [inbound, outbound and internal communication]
  • Integrate Existing PSTN Lines
  • Audio Conference Bridge for Audio conference within IP-PBX users.
  • Integrated video conferencing facility for IP-PBX softphone users and video call enabled IP-Phone handset.


Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling Voicemail to Email
Video call within extensions using soft-phone Customized IVR
Web-based and administrative interfaces Call queues
Ability to extensions remotely Up to 10 Conference rooms with 12 concurrent users
CLI Management Follow-Me
Integrated Call recording Call forwarding
Three-way calling within the extension Time-based routing
Automated scheduled callbacks Music on hold
Ability to use standard Telco line and VOIP trunks Admin provisioning tool
TDM/SIP Trunks Phone provisioning tool
Remote extensions Network settings tool
Voicemail Enhanced CDR reports
Web access to voicemail Call center management


  • No additional wiring:

IP PBX phone system do not require a separate wiring as hardware phones may be connected directly to the computer network. IP soft-phones are installed directly on your computer. Therefore you have a lot of flexibility when you need to add more users to IP phone system. If your office does not have phone wiring you do not need to spend money to installation and may install only computer wiring.

  • Low cost calling (save local and international call charges):

One of the most attractive offered by IP-PBX phone system is the opportunity to make phone calls at low rates. IGW providers offer the lowest rates for long distance calls and international calls. Besides, you can make free calls within your business offices and branches which saves 60% cost.

  • IP PBX phone system are much easier to install:

Anyone who can deal with Windows successfully can install and configure IP PBX software on your computer. IP PBX software makes use of the processing power of the computer and involves advantages offered by Windows.

  • IP PBX phone system are much easier to maintain:

Traditional PBX phone systems have difficult interface and often only professionals who install the phone system can manage it whereas IP PBX phone system have a web based interface and therefore IP PBX phone systems are easy to maintain.

  • Scalability:

Traditional PBX phone system require additional hardware when you need to add a new phone to the system whereas IP phone system can handle a large number of customers and it’s easy to make extension.