Patron is a cloud-based software which enables Cooperative Societies to accurately process its activities likewise financial services, investment management, Business process management (BPM) through a computerized system while updating itself to remain consistent with current laws. It can run on any platform and the system supports on any device while making it able to access from anywhere. Using a powerful BPM tool & Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Patron improves customer service and generates new business opportunities by integrating channels and cooperative banking systems in front ends for users and clients. Patron will prevent its clients from getting distracted from their strategic objectives. Patron enhance your company to build a better tomorrow.



       100% Accuracy Daily Business Affairs Report Generation
       100% Data Security Daily Branch Activity Report Generation
         Automated Service Motive Budget Setup          Client Summary Report Generation
       Automated Asset and Liability Calculation          Core Central Administration
       Automated Calculation of Surplus Allocation          Follows Cooperative Society Act 2012
       Automated Deposit & Loan Management          Geo – Redundant Application
       Automated Reserve Allocation          Customized Software Solution
Automated Dividend Calculation          Platform Independent
Automated Working Capital Allocation            Expandable Based on Requirement


Easy to Manage Money Daily Client Status can be Checked
Reduces Query Response Time by 1000% Increases Efficiency in Managing Resources
Repeated Service Support Dashboard Viewing System
Prevents Data Manipulation Deposit & Loan Analysis is Ensured
Accurate Report Generation is Ensured Proficient & Liberal in Running a Business
Human Error Declines to 0.0001% Centralized Authority is Ensured



Web-Application Modules Network Management Services
Dashboard Module Network Fault Detection Module
Transection Monitoring Module Network Fault Alert Module
Daily Branch Monitoring and Reporting Module Automated Database Backup Module NAS
Daily Income & Expenditure Calculation Module Automated Application Backup Module for NAS
Service Budget Module Geo-Redundant Replication Module
Fund Allocation Module Virtual Private Network Module
WIC & Reserve Calculation Module Virtual Machine Module
Deposit & Loan Management Module Global IP Load Balancing Module
Dividend & Disposal Module MIS Report Generation & Email Module
Investment Management Module Database Optimization Module
Client General Information Management Module Automated Database Repair Module
Reporting Module Network and Application Management Module